Confused about what is the right thing to eat?

Fed up with not being able to shift belly fat?

Want to relieve night sweats and balance your moods?

The great things you will find out:
  • Where to get started on eating the right foods
  • Whats protein got to do with it?
  • The secret to nuts and seeds
  • What fruit is making you fat!
  • Why phyto's mean you don't need HRT
  • What supplement helps you lose belly fat
  • How to  balance your moods and still enjoy food
This is the easiest clearest guide to what you can and can't eat, that will help you lose belly fat and stop symptoms like sweats, AND balance out your mood swings. It's a really easy way to eat!
This isn't a recipe book, but does give you insight into the exact type of foods you can eat, so you can take 'thinking' of how to eat for your symptoms at this time of life.
It's an easy read and you have someone to tell you exactly what's going on with food and your body now you're in your 40s with changing hormones
It's yours for just £4.95 and you won't need to buy another book to explain how to eat for your changing body type during your menopause transition and beyond.
Read this ebook and you're set for life on what to eat for your waistline, your sanity and your happiness - It's the best fiver you'll ever spend, I promise (or you can write me and get your money back!)

If you eat like this you can eat yourself to a happier and healthier menopause!

"I've lost an inch and a half in belly fat in just 3 weeks, and I'm not as fatigued in the morning when I wake" Caroline, Aberdeen

"I've got more energy, I sleep better and I've lost weight! Sarah, Nottingham


Get these 2 great ebooks together and save money!

Yours for just £10.95 and you're set for Understanding Your Menopause, 

what supplements to get to ease which symptoms, and what to eat!

no thanks, I'll just look at individual books - here


Manage your symptoms.... videos including:

  • Anxiety

  • Perimenopause

  • Menopause and Beyond

  • Life After Oestrogen

  • Symptoms in 28 Days

  • Hysterectomy Recovery

"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie

Blossom in Your Menopause

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Disclaimer:  The information in this guide is intended as guidance only and is not a replacement for you doing your own research or seeking medical advice from a doctor. 

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