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Disclaimer:  The information in this guide is intended as guidance only and is not a replacement for you doing your own research or seeking medical advice from a doctor. 

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(which also reduces belly fat!)

ps. when I say 4 years to write, I meant 4 months!

What does this online guide help you with?

This is the place to find solutions to understand and then relieve your menopause symptoms .  You may have a jumble of symptoms and be worried as you're not sure whether what you're experiencing is normal or not, so the first thing I can tell you is that you are normal. These symptoms can feel very confusing but they do come down to the same underlying causes. 
I've developed solutions to symptoms for my clients and now I want to help women everywhere who want to really understand what is going on with their health and hormones, energy and emotions and most importantly, what to do about it! They don't cost a bomb, you can do most of it at home, you already eat the food, and you may have to buy a few supplements, but that's about it, this really is something you can do at home, and start now.
I've created this online support guide for you, no matter what symptoms you have, or what stage you're at, just click the a button below that is the nearest to how you feel or know where you are below, and I'll take you to the next step. 
Now I've spent the last year giving talks and expanding into workshops I have a lot of knowledge on how to help yourself at home to tackle symptoms, alleviate the intensity and understand why this is happening and what to do so that during these transitional years you can flourish.
This is what we cover in the 8 week guide to helping you understand and improve your menopause years:
Anxiety  |  Night Sweats  |  Quality Sleep  |  Hot Flushes  |  Brain Fog  |  Digestive Issues  | Achy Joints
Low Moods & Mood swings  |  Vaginal Dryness  |  Belly Fat and why it happens  |  Irritability
Topics that we cover in this guide are:
  • Understanding your hormones
  • Why are your emotions all over the place
  • How to balance your energy levels
  • What to eat to reduce stubborn belly fat
  • Why liver toxicity causes so many symptoms and what to do about it
  • What kind of exercise will work for you
  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety
  • What supplements are brilliant to relieve symptoms
  • What therapies are the best for your symptoms
  • How essential oils will help with your moods and frame of mind
  • Plus access to ask me questions via my facebook group!
Introductory Price of just £10 to start making changes today!

Understanding your menopause starts here

I've spent the last 18 months now working with women with hot flushes, I see how miserable they are, as well as embarrassing AND how they exhaust you. 
As well as the flushes, you may be experiencing itchy skin, UTI's , extreme tiredness, interrupted sleep, night sweats, achy joints, and stepping into the realms of anxiety, overwhelm and brain fog. 
If you're reading this, you're probably weary from reading so many things that say they can help you, so very quickly I'll give you an overview and another symptom is short fuse and irritability!
One of the major differences I wanted to highlight is that hot flushes and night sweats are caused by different things, this I think is important to understand as I'll be upfront an tell you that we can start curbing night sweats straight away with this help guide, but hot flush relief is an accumulative process, you do need to read, take on board, buy the supplements (not expensive) , make the eating changes and really do everything that is in this guide to help you ease hot flushes. There is no magic wand or pill, its a lot of small changes, they add up to relieve the big one, it really is 8 steps but you need to fully commit, if you're ready and want to crack on , click here to buy my guide - its £10 to get started!
Let me give you a little background, I'm Andrea Marsh, a Shiatsu and Chinese Medicine Practitioner and  I hit the perimenopause quite by surprise, and wondered why my brain just didn't work the way it used to (brain fog!), why I was now triple booking my diary when I'd always had this information in my head (loss of memory), why was I crying at anything on breakfast tele (depressed?) and getting really squirmy stomach every morning (anxiety). Looking back these things had been happening for about 4 years but growing in intensity. Luckily for me, I was at a networking event and the main speaker talked about her menopausal experience at work and why she had to quit her high level job in finance (I'd got utterly fed up with my job in computer software and planned a quick escape route); I found myself nodding along to her and wondering if, at 46 and 2 days, I was hitting the Menopause?!  
I'd never given it a second thought, it was something I was going to 'fly through' in my 50s or 60s.... or something. I never realised this started happening in our 40s. Also based on my mum's age of going on HRT (44) and that I've not had children, statistically (very roughly!) I could transition a bit younger. As a therapist I have chosen to have a natural menopause, at 48 I'm heavily perimenopausal bordering on menopause symptoms (I can tell this as I have estrogen decline symptoms).  I manage my daily anxiety, my poor dog gets the brunt of some mood swings at times of the month, and I'm always altering my supplements to keep me in balance. I experienced weekly night sweats about 4/5 years ago and learnt that eating changes eradicated them. Let me re-iterate - eating changes stopped my night sweats! You just need to know what to eat and when!
Luckily, I'm a therapist, a researcher and qualified in Chinese medicine which teaches us to look for patterns and I really wanted to know more. In fact I felt relieved, and then empowered, I wasn't depressed, there was a chemical change going on in my body I could learn about, and most importantly, do something about!

34 Symptoms

That first day I found out there were '34 symptoms of the menopause' so I looked them up, and I could tick 25 of them as happening over the last 4 years, so that was quite a blow, but hey, look on the bright side I could now tell I wasn't depressed there was a hormonal change going on in my body, it had these effects and it was natural - I was totally relieved!
In fact, I was elated, there was a physical reason for why I was feeling as I was, why my brain wasn't functioning at the level it had ( I was worried I slipped into the use it or lose it category) and why I was finding marmite or my glasses in the fridge!
I felt empowered that there was a reason, and a weight lifted but I looked at these jumbled up 34 symptoms and thought 'there must be a pattern to how they present, they can't all just randomly appear, there must be some sort of order to the way the body transitions through the menopause years.
Chinese Medicine teaches us to look for patterns, so I set to researching this, and I came up with a pattern. Not only that, a couple of months later at a talk with a GP Hormonal specialist I found that my 'pattern' was overlaid by her graphs of Progesterone and Estrogen decline; I really felt I had something here.
Meanwhile I started working with women who had symptoms, and tried to target my therapy, Shiatsu at alleviating symptoms. I really didn't know if I could, but I had the theory of it with the Chinese Medicine so I thought I'd have a go. 

How did I relieve my night sweats?

I worked on my own symptoms first, I altered my eating habits to reduce my own night sweats, and then I started to help clients.
My first trial client had no energy and awful night sweats. We altered her eating habits as well as using shiatsu and client had less night sweats, better sleep and more energy! We were both thrilled, and I felt I had something I really should investigate further
A year later I was able to put up a website, with my success stories in helping women alleviate symptoms with therapy and understanding. The more I learnt the more women I could help and I came to understand that with altering  eating habits, taking supplements, learn lifestyle hacks, gaining knowledge and respecting energy and physical changes within I could help women make changes for the better with knowledge.
I started doing regular talks, and the more I did, the more information women wanted. Then I came to a point where a lot of women wanted information to make changes for themselves, from home; even a 30 minute phone call was enough to change how women were tackling their symptoms; I was empowering women, and they were feeling better for it. The bottom line is that it's about education, understanding and feeling back in control of your body, and this is where this guide was born. One day in discussion with a  'menopause comedienne' we hit on this idea and here it is. A true guide to what is going on within you, what you can expect AND what you can do about it.
Now, a couple of years on I've helped dozens of women in 1-2-1 treatments and 100's of women through talks. I know that these changes work, it's why I'm now ready to put these steps into a guide for you!

"I have subscribed to your online guide and I'm reading with great interest. Lots I didn't know.

I started to get fed up of everyone else's opinion on menopause so it's both refreshing and empowering to understand the 'science' behind hormonal changes and how to address them in a pragmatic way." Sharon

"I have signed up for your guide after attending one of your talks. I am hoping it will make as big a difference as my arms have relieving the itchy skin, through lemon in hot water, magnesium and your cream." Fiona

"If you have the opportunity to attend one of Andrea’s talks then don’t miss it. She is knowledgeable, interesting and above all shares loads of practical advice that you can implement immediately." Janet

Introductory Price of just £10 to start making changes today!

All of this information, that gives you so many ways to help reduce night sweats, get a good nights sleep, balance out your emotions, give you your mojo back - all of this for the Introductory and Life time access of £10 (it will be going up to £39 soon), that's just £1.25 a week (over the 8 week guide) to help you sort out many of your menopause issues which will equate to a life time of changes for the better!
You will have access to all 8 weeks from the start and as more information becomes available on this course you'll always have access to it, unlike a book that needs to be reprinted, you'll be emailed when new information becomes available.
This introductory price is to allow as many women as possible accessibility to useful information, giving you knowledge and understanding of what is going on in your menopause that really is worth something to you!
I've been giving this information in talks, with great success and wonderful feedback from the women who have attended and now I've extended this information for you to take away, digest at your own speed and implement which will create great results for you. The guide is packed with so much advice on how to help you ease your own menopause symptoms just for the price to cover cost - I'm not looking to be a millionaire, I'm looking to help women like you alleviate symptoms that you are able to resolve, you don't need to put up with all these changes in your life, you just need to know how to resolve as many of them as you can. I'm here to help your transition more smoothly and blossom in the years to come.
This guide steps you through 8 weeks helping you make accumulative small changes, we start with night sweats and sleep and work our way through to hot flushes, giving you guidance, knowledge and understanding along the way as well as supplements in the form of vitamins and minerals that really do help women just like you!
Don't click away from this page you'll not find it again , don't leave it till later, you won't get around to it!
 Click now to take you to the payment, it takes moments and you'll receive an email and you'll be on your way to helping yourself relieve your symptoms , learn what is going on , and be full of knowledge on what the Menopause really is, how it affects you and what you can do about it!
When I first put my thoughts on facebook, wanting to help women I was immediately challenged with 'where is the proof that it works?' Luckily I had proof, I have the testimonials from my clients and the feedback from the women who attend my talks and then implement the practical advice that I give them. These women bought tickets and paid for their one on one time with me to learn these solutions to alleviating their symptoms. I'm offering this to you for a one time payment (but a life time updates) of just £10!
Thank you for signing up! You won't regret it, if you implement 10% of what I have in this easy guide  you will start to feel the benefits, the very first change being your quality of sleep. In fact I'll give you this tip for free:
Buy Magnesium, a supplement we're nearly all deficient in, it will help ease muscle tension and ease your restless mind inducing a calmer longer sleep.
If you've decided against  purchasing this guide please do let your friends know about this, I want every woman who is coming up for the perimenopause, experiencing early symptoms or is in the later stages with flushes to take advantage of this course, gain insight into what is going on and learn what they can do to ease their own symptoms.
This is my motto and I want to share this with all women to give them a greater quality of midlife health.
Thank you for reading and I hope to see you in my facebook group that is attached to this course where you can ask me questions and I'll answer personally!
Andrea xo