I know a lot about anxiety, I had it in junior school, senior, through my 20s and media career and into my 30s... then it went... then it came back with a bang when I was 44.... yes I know exactly how you feel, how miserable it is, and when you're in the thick of it you don't think there is a way out of it, that this is just your lot in life....

I know this because that's what I used to think too. So why did Anxiety stop in my 30s and then come back with a vengeance with the perimenopause?


It didn't have a name when I was a kid, it was symptoms. Tummy pain, squirmy sicky feelings, feelings of dread, not wanting to do things, nightmares, jaw problems, ear aches, sore throats, teeth grinding, and all that was by the age of 8. There wasn't this grown up word that I could express, I just had a lot of ailments.

In my late teens it was 'panic attacks', my friends had them so it must be what I was having and that stuck. I put up with it, managed it by managing my environment, who I saw, what I did, and as best I could my work enviroment. Then it all got worse, my dad died when I was 31 and I didn't really know how to cope, so it all just got worse. Then I was really really lucky, I came across Shiatsu when I was looking for something to help me. As I started studying it (as receiving it was amazing!) my anxiety went, I didn't really realise it but it had just faded away. Yes I got nervous at exams and work situations but the every day trepidation of what symptoms would arise had gone; and I hadn't even reaslied it.

So you can imagine how p'd off I was when it came back, EVERY SINGLE DAY, when I was in my 40s! I had left my career in computer software and was embarking on my dream of being a full time therapist. Fate stepped in again when I plucked up the courage to go to a networking event, there was a woman speaking (Lauren Chiren - Women of a certain stage) explaining about menopause in the workplace. I was just 45 and didn't think the talk would be of any interest to me, but I was in the room and had to sit through it... WOW did that talk change my life!