A great way to step through week by week the main areas that are affecting you and causing your sypmtoms. With 5 easy to follow videos plus supporting materials you'll really delve into why this time of life is pivotal to your health phsyically and emotionally, and what you can do about it.

28 Days to a Happier & Healthier Menopause - Video Series

  • You will receive 5 videos in this series with accompanying slides and notes. These videos will be delivered at one week intervals to allow you to enjoy and absorb the information from each week and to put your changes into action.


    As a bonus you will receive my eBooks '28 days to a Happier and Healthier Menopause' and 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond'

    Refund Policy - As this is access to a digital file on purchase we are unable to offer refunds. However if you complete the whole course and make all the changes that are explained, and still feel you have made no progress please contact for a money back guarantee option. You will be asked to offer proof of purchase on supplements and evidence of journalling, dietary and exercise changes.

"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie

Blossom in Your Menopause

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Disclaimer:  The information in this guide is intended as guidance only and is not a replacement for you doing your own research or seeking medical advice from a doctor. 

Shipping Policy: This is a purchasable online ebook with unlimited access and ability to download from there in; there are no physical goods to be shipped.

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