Here's a sneak peek at what you're getting so you know that even online it's a resource guide that is always there for you, and when it's updated you'll be notified which makes it more dynamic than having a book!

This is what we cover in the 8 week guide to helping you understand and improve your menopause years:
Anxiety  |  Night Sweats  |  Quality Sleep  |  Hot Flushes  |  Brain Fog  |  Digestive Issues  | Achy Joints
Low Moods & Mood swings  |  Vaginal Dryness  |  Belly Fat and why it happens  |  Irritability
Topics that we cover in this guide are:
  • Understanding your hormones
  • Why are your emotions all over the place
  • How to balance your energy levels
  • What to eat to reduce stubborn belly fat
  • Why liver toxicity causes so many symptoms and what to do about it
  • What kind of exercise will work for you
  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety
  • What supplements are brilliant to relieve symptoms
  • What therapies are the best for your symptoms
  • How essential oils will help with your moods and frame of mind
  • Downloadable progress sheets and further support
  • Plus access to ask me questions via my facebook group!

Still not sure how this can help you? Have a look here  - 8 weeks, 8 Chapters packed with information that will help you, how to tackle an exact symptom each week, what supplement you'll need, nutritional tips, essential oils and therapies - Click on the image to magnify:

ps. when I say 4 years to write, I meant 4 months!

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