"Understanding your Menopause ...

and what you can do about it naturally"

"My first book, with over 2 years of research and then practical implementation with my clients (and myself!) so I know these methods work. They're natural , simple to do, easy to understand, you just need to be told these things in a straight forward manor.
I may see the menopause through the eyes of the theory of Chinese medicine, which is incredibly powerful at explaining what is going on with your hormones, emotions and symptoms , but I explain it to you in a way that is completely English!"
Andrea, Founder Cotswold Menopause

Are you feeling more anxious than ever before?

Are you fed up of not getting the answers that you need?

Are you confused about your changing mind and body and not knowing what to do about them?

Symptoms that I cover in the book
Anxiety  |  Night Sweats  |  Quality Sleep  |  Hot Flushes  |  Brain Fog  |  Digestive Issues  | Achy Joints & Muscles
Low Moods & Mood swings  |  Vaginal Dryness  |  Belly Fat  |  Irritability | Libido
I had been giving this information in talks but now I want to help more women, just like you, so I've turned my extensive knowledge into an easy read book broken down in grouped topics, as so many symptoms are linked.
Topics covered are:
  • Understanding your hormones
  • How to balance your energy levels
  • What to eat to reduce stubborn belly fat
  • What kind of exercise will work for you
  • Coping mechanisms for anxiety
  • What supplements are brilliant to relieve symptoms
  • Practical advice on how to balance your moods

To get your copy now just click below - 85 packed pages on how to eat, the exercise that really counts, how to get your sleep back, relieve night sweats quickly, relieve tiredness and how to eat to lose stubborn belly fat (without being hungry) , why you're more anxious and what to do about it - Just £6.95!

And add in 'Eating for the Perimenopause and Beyond' in a great deal!

Emma Scott, author and radio presenter was suffering

with more and more perimenopause symptoms, then she

read my new ebook:

“I’ve spent the last 6 years dealing the perimenopause and thought things

were going well until the hot flushes and night sweats started and then I

realised I needed to accelerate what I had been going and fast!

I’m so glad I picked up Andrea’s book and started making changes straight away. I’m pleased to say my sleep is now mostly undisturbed with just a few changes as detailed in this book. I’m taking the right supplements now and have changed my diet. I’m caffeine free and my fatigue has improved so much; who knew?

So many great tips on dealing with the menopause and instead of listing all my symptom, I’m now listing all the symptoms that have gone!

Thanks Andrea, a very helpful book and I now feel like I’m going into this with a friend by my side. I recommend any woman in her 40s to read this to start making the changes now.”


Emma Scott 


Confused about what is the right thing to eat?

Fed up with not being able to shift belly fat?

Want to relieve night sweats and balance your moods?

The great things you will find out
  • Where to get started on eating the right foods
  • Whats protein got to do with it?
  • The secret to nuts and seeds
  • What fruit is making you fat!
  • Why phyto's mean you don't need HRT
  • What supplement helps you lose belly fat
  • How to  balance your moods and still enjoy food
This is the easiest clearest guide to what you can and can't eat, that will help you lose belly fat and stop symptoms like sweats, AND balance out your mood swings. It's a really easy way to eat!
This isn't a recipe book, but does give you the exact foods you can eat, and then you just mix and match, it is so much simpler than you think! 
If you eat like this you can eat yourself to a happier and healthier menopause.
It's an easy read and you have some one to tell you exactly what's going on; and that's what this ebook does.
It's yours for just £4.95 and you won't need to buy another book to explain how to eat for your changing body type during your menopause transition and beyond.
Read this ebook and you're set for life on what to eat for your waistline, your sanity and your happiness - It's the best fiver you'll ever spend, I promise (or you can write me and get your money back!)

This is not a recipe book but it is your best keep sake guide to how to 'Eat for your perimenopause and beyond....'

"I've lost an inch and a half in belly fat in just 3 weeks, and I'm not as fatigued in the morning when I wake" Caroline, Aberdeen

"I've got more energy, I sleep better and I've lost weight! Sarah, Nottingham


Get these 2 great ebooks together and save money!

Yours for just £10.95 and you're set for Understanding Your Menopause, 

what supplements to get to ease which symptoms, and what to eat!

no thanks, I'll just look at individual books - here


and learn so much more! The amount of information in the books is limited and suitable for anyone with mild symptoms but the more complex it gets the more information and supplements you need.

Check out '28 Days to a Happier and Healthier Menopause' a 5 part easy to watch video series, which will have you looking back and wondering how you've made so many amazing changes in such a short space of time ...

AND I've included the 2 ebooks as a bonus!



Get the complete package: videos, support materials, supplements guide and 2 ebooks >>


Everything you need to master your menopause and make your symptoms just dissappear! 


"3 Months ago I was in a dark terrible place, not good.... Now, I feel great!" Julie

Blossom in Your Menopause

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